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I check in between 6am and 7am then again from 5pm to 6pm most days as my schedule allows. I also do sometimes check on and off during the day if I get a minute or I'm expecting a message from someone. I do all communications by email & through photos posted on the site almost exclusively and due to current family obligations would prefer to keep it that way as much as possible.

The most important reason is so that both my client and I have a physical record of the order. Something that can be gone over as needed to make sure everything comes out as you expected. It's so much easier to have a list of what you want made and in what materials that can be referenced instead of trying to remember every detail. I also ask a lot of questions to get a solid idea of your likes and dislikes. This often inspires other details that you wanted added but that had slipped your mind. Then you are not having to call me asking if you remembered to tell me or if you had said you wanted. I find that often my clients are very visual too and that by having a list to go over and photo examples it's easy to get the final results you desire.

It keeps me straight. While my clients are thinking on just their order I may have ten other clients I'm working with at the same time in various stages of the design process and there have been times when I've been working with say two Jessicas at the same time. It can get a little confusing if done over the phone. Another added advantage is that I often get clients that contact me when their second or third child is on the way and they want something similar to what I did for the first baby. By having a paper trail I can pull up their past order details and it's a snap to get their next order going.

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Monday - Friday: 7 am to 5 pm Saturday: Sometimes I'm in sewing depending on the workload but generally do not answer emails Sunday: Closed When a momma has an emergency or I have a power outage ect. I will put in longer days to catch up to a normal schedule if I get behind or help out a client.