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Workroom Updates & Schedule  

I'm now on a normal 3 to 8 week schedule for large orders. Actually for a little bit I'll be on a super fast turn around time for the next little bit.

**** Hurricane did do some damage in our area.  We have had a lot of flooding and we had rain the previous week so everything is soaked .  That has resulted in down trees and power outages.  
We have power this morning and it isn't cutting in and out so that's aa big improvement.  The internet is not nearly as good as the power this morning and I know that where our main tower is in that area they got hit a bit worse than we did so I anticipate internet issue will be a problem for a couple more days.    Our road is clear so I can get out to post an update but just know I'm here working as I can and will answer messages today if it will let me.  This morning it is so bad I can't get anything through reliably but hope it has enough umph to get this message out.  I have had several packages come in the last few days and will try to update everyone about that tomorrow even if I have to drive out to the nearest Mc Donalds to do so.  So we are safe, have power, and should have internet back soon.  


What's in the workroom

List of Orders

Listed by fabric arrival order. Amount of sewing time to complete each order is estimated as well as the dates when fabric is in the workroom in hand at the 4 to 10 week marks.  Normal schedule is generally 4 to 8 weeks for substantial sets which means your order will be completed counting from the date of the final fabric arrival and design finalization in a 4 to 8 week timeframe. 6 is average.  

Closed till 5/16/18......  have some things coming and a small thing in so no real disruptions because of this short break 

When Your Order Arrives

When Your Fabric Arrives

⦁ I look it over to see if we have the right amount of yardage and review what you wish to have done  ⦁ I contact clients to let them know their material is here, get you on the schedule. You are placed on the schedule in order of fabric arrival and that starts from the date of the last of your material arriving here in the workroom, and ask any questions I might have at that moment. I also put on the calendar the arrival and completion of each client's orders

Once We've Verified Everything

I box your order in it's own individual box, label the outside of the box with your name and the date your material arrived, and store the order until your turn comes up in the schedule.  I do often pre-wash the material either at this stage and press it before boxing it up for going into the que or I pre-wash just prior to you coming up in the sewing line. 

When We Reach Sewing Stage

Once it gets close to the time when you will be pulled into sewing I will generally send out a quick message alert but I am not always able to do that so I do keep the schedule well updated generally on a daily basis

I pull your material and pre-wash and press it then if I haven't already , I go over your order, re-measure, and ask any questions that may need to be resolved before cutting begins. Once I start cutting no changes can usually be made.

When Your Order is Finished

I take photos usually once the whole thing is done but sometimes along as I go, post those to the gallery page, and when that's done I box your order for shipping. If payment has been made your order is then shipped. If it hasn't I put together your listing or invoice and then once payment is received your order ships.

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