Timeframe.... how long does it take to process an order?   You will note that each individual item is given a time frame to have it done in. A full set can be completed between 3 to 8 weeks depending on how many pieces you need done, the style chosen and how full the workroom is at the time your order is in. 4 weeks is about average for full sets. I keep an updated schedule page with more details about turn-around time and announcements from the workroom. https://angels-wings.com/schedule   If you need a set by a specific date please let me know when you first place your order and I will let you know if your deadline can be reached.    Small orders I do try and work along with larger orders if possible.

Do you have example photos?

Oh yes, I've been making the bedding sets since 2002 so I've got loads of photos of past work.    https://www.facebook.com/angelswingscribbedding/

So, I have to send you the fabrics and the etsy listings are just for labor costs ?

Yes if it is a sewing services listing..... the listings that are just for labor costs and not pre-made items. Those are sewing services listings. I find that what clients want is a set that is unique to them and not off the rack and what everyone else has. That's why I offer the sewing services. Then I do have pre-selected fabrics listings which include the cost of the fabric as well as the labor costs. If you have found a fabric you like that I don't have listed I'm always happy to put a listing together or if you like part of the fabrics in a listing but want to add something else to it just contact me. I'm flexible and always willing to put together custom listings.

Do I get a discount if I order multiples?

No, I figure labor costs based on what each individual item takes me time wise to create. If you order 10 sheets for example it's still going to take me the same amount of time to make 10 sheets for one client as it would take me to make 1 sheet each for 10 clients. I do have very reasonable rates and they are as low as I can go and still provide for my family. If you order multiples of something and it means I can use a smaller packaging then I do check shipping at the end and refund if there's an overage. Each listing does include a small handling amount in it to cover the cost of the packaging supplies such as tape, labels, ink and to offset the cost associated with accepting payments as I do get charged a little for that.

Can I pay to rush an order?

No, sorry but at this time I work orders first in first out. I will work with a momma that is having a true emergency if possible but I try to keep it as fair as possible to all my clients. If an interest is shown in rush options that may be something I explore in the future.

Steps to Ordering

My clients purchase my services. This can be done prior to completion of your order or I can invoice after the set is completed, this is actually very popular with my clients. My clients send me their materials and once I have it in hand I look it over. We then finalize any details and double check to make sure there's plenty of material to create the order from. I then work you into the schedule. See the schedule page for more details on turn-around time ect. Once I have your order finished I take photos of it so you can see it. At that time if you have made payment for your order I double check shipping, refund any difference if there is one, and ship your order out. If you have opted to wait till the order is completed to have me invoice you, this is the most popular with my clients, then I invoice you for the labor and shipping. Once payment is made I then ship your order to you. You can go through the website to place your order or I can put together a listing for you on etsy or ebay.


How much fabric do I need?

On Etsy If you are using one of the pre-selected collections the fabric is included in those. If you will be using your own fabric that's going to depend on the style and what items you will have made. I do generally put inside each listing basic needs. If we are using a print then we may need additional amounts to match it so that the pattern flows around your crib. I'll be happy to help you figure what you need.

I also keep a basic needs list here: 


What if a listing doesn't have what I need in it?

Just contact me. I can't possibly put together a listing for every combination you can think of obviously but I do have many individual listings so you can see what I do and I'm always happy to make a combined listing for clients. You will note on the pre-selected fabric collections there is a #and then a letter. The letters represent fabric costs per yard so if you have a fabric you find that you want me to use you can look at one of those listings to get an idea of what the final cost would be if I purchase the fabric for you..... those start with #E which is $5 yard fabric and runs through #S which is $19 yard fabric which is what spoonflower.com fabric done on Kona cotton costs.

The shipping seems high.... what's up with that?

Shipping for most of the listings is based on the average weight and size box that an order comes out to. Etsy doesn't allow me to set it up to combine shipping by weight so if you do order from individual listings sometimes it will really be out of wack. For situations like that if you have gone through with the listing I will do a refund on the back end if it over charged you. If you want it all together I can put a listing together combining what you need all in one listing. I ship through the postal service and that means it's based on the zip code it is going to, the weight of the package, and the size of the box. I do have a small handling fee included which helps cover the costs associated with selling services here on etsy.

⦁ Oh no, my due date is in less than 4 to 6 weeks. Can you still help me?

⦁ Well this type of situation happens. Yes, we'll try our best to help out. It may be that the workroom isn't so stuffed and it'll be no problem to work you in with some of the other sets that are going on in there or it may be that we have an order in the works from someone who isn't in a real rush and is kind enough to put their items on hold for a few days while we work you in. If it just can't be done I'll say so and not leave you hanging so that something can be worked out.

⦁ What factors affect the amount of time to complete a set?

⦁ Any of these can extend the time to get a set complete. We really work hard to stay down to 4 weeks or less for full sets but sometimes it just isn't possible. If you are really pressed for time let us know and we'll work to get your set completed quickly. ⦁ Complicated design features - if you want something that is really different or something that takes a great deal of time to do, for example applying 100's of appliques to a set of drapes, that takes extra time.  ⦁ The fabric for your set is something that has to be handled extra carefully. For example, heavy embroidered silk takes extra time and care to work with and requires extra prep time before each piece can be worked up  ⦁ We change the design midstream. If a client decides to change something when a set is underway it can sometimes delay things. We might need more materials, something else might have to be reworked, there may be several new questions arise. It can change the finish time very little or sometimes it can add a week or two to your order depending on what you want done.  ⦁ You send us part of the material and we have to order/purchase the additional yardage needs. We are at the mercy of the distributors schedule in cases like that; as soon as we get the material your set begins and we often will be able to start on the set with what you have sent us while we wait for the additional yardage.  ⦁ The workroom is full to busting. Sometimes we just have a very full workroom; all orders are done as they come in although if say we have three sets in the workroom and they all are getting hand-made ruffles then I'll work on ruffles for all at the same time which actually speeds up the process a bit since all the machines are set up to do that particular job. Again if you really need it quick let us know. We try to accommodate and have done rush orders when say in-laws are coming to visit and you want the room just right.

Your Appreciated

I try and make each of my clients feel that I'm working only for them but keep in mind I may be working with 4 or 5 people at the same time discussing designs and fabrics and can have as many as 15 people with orders actually in the workroom. I ask only for kind understanding when your set doesn't seem to be coming along as quickly as you feel it should be. Normally I work 5 to 6 days a week and put in 10 to 12 hours a day. Of the 10 to 12 hours most is spent sewing but there is also emails to answer, fabrics to wash and press, listings to put up, and the website to maintain. Figure for every $10 labor cost that there is between 1 to 2 hours of actual work in that item. Sometimes an item goes quickly and then sometimes it takes longer than the estimate but I find this works out to this average for the most part. Always check the schedule page and the announcement page